I’m Halfway Through Ton Ruk Rim Rua

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So, my last post was lamenting that nobody told me Ton Ruk Rim Rua actually started airing. This post is letting you know I’m at the halfway mark of this drama. I do realize it finished airing a few hours ago though, so now I’m avoiding spoilers like the plague (which is a lot easier to do in the Lakorn world!)

Verdict as of finishing episode 5?

I like it quite a bit.

My favorite part of Panyachon Kon Krua was, of course, Mark and Kim. That’s why this is a hit for me. Like PKK, they’re here. And there’s a bonus–there aren’t as many side stories going on! The entire drama solely focuses on them. HALLELUJAH! On the downside, Kim’s character, Bau, is more annoying. It’s not due to her work dedication–I can appreciate a woman who’s hardworking. It’s because of how she treats Kob.

I’m gonna be fair here and say that Kob hasn’t seriously confessed to her, but she’s kind of foolish for not recognizing how good he is to her despite his childishness. Plus, he’s always aching to spend time with her–take a hint, Bau. Oh, and she’s an ingrate. And the worst part for me? However many times she mentions she’s dreaming about Tin and shoves it in Kob’s face. For goodness sake, Kob was doing you a favor by getting married to you. Then, he tries to treat you well, but it’s like you won’t have it. Sure, he can be an embarrassment, but he’s also adorable and bends over backward in your favor. I just want to shake Bau and ask her, “Are you blind woman? BLIND?!”

Speaking of blind… Tin’s eyebrows… :’(((((( WHY SO THICK?

As for Mark, I like his character here. At first, I really missed how much more sophisticated he was in his previous dramas, but then I realized he’s an even bigger sweetheart here so I can deal. Plus, his character’s not actually childish in every respect, so I don’t find him as annoying as Bau does :P.

EDIT: I’m up to episode 8 and just want to throw Bau out a window. I wouldn’t even wish her happiness, except her happiness is apparently tied with Kob’s. OMG. FRUSTRATION.

KOB, YOU’RE TOO GOOD FOR ALL THE WOMEN AROUND YOU! My heart bleeds for you, man.

EDIT 2: Can somebody tell me how much I have to skip for Bau to stop being an idiot??????



I didn’t know Ton Ruk Rim Rua started airing, let alone that it’s almost done!

I feel like Rip Van Winkle, awoken from my sleep. I waited an eternity to even see stills from Channel 3, and now I’m hearing the show is basically DONE DONE DONE.

It’s like Christmas came early for Harroro.

I don’t know much about the drama, as I haven’t seen a lick of it except for the trailer (which I’m kinda confuzzled about, to be quite honest) but I don’t care–I just want to see some Mark and Kim chemistry. And lucky for me, I can go see some ASAP! *___*

Here’s an English subbed trailer if you want a sneak peek as well :) However, if you are watching it already, are you liking it?

Late again. Can’t believe it! I was totes going to be on time, I thought. But then I never wrote the post. :/

Dramas I’m Currently Watching

Good Doctor

gooddoctor4 (33)

Good Doctor is chugging along quite fine, and I still enjoy it quite a bit. I just don’t enjoy it as much as I did for the first 2 episodes :/ I tend to zone out once the evil Assistant Director shows up on screen, because even though I know I should care about the fate of the hospital itself, I don’t really. All I really like seeing is Shi Ohn grow up or spazz out saying “pali, pali~”. Those moments are what make me tune into the drama–not all that corporate debauchery.

Two Weeks


I recognize how well done everything in this series is, but I can’t get myself to love it. I couldn’t figure out why until a few days ago when I realized that I don’t really like any of the characters except for Jang Tae San and his daughter.

The female prosecutor’s okay. I like her way more than In Hye.

Good grief, my favorite In Hye moment was when she was on the freakin’ phone with him, and she asks him to call her back in 5 minutes. Are you kidding me? You want  a fugitive to call you back at YOUR convenience? Plus, all those comments she made out of concern he doesn’t get an injury and effs up the bone marrow surgery. I understand she’s worried about her daughter, but he’s trying his best out there too. Even if he weren’t concerned with his daughter’s welfare, he still wouldn’t go out of his way to get hurt since it’s a natural desire to avoid pain.

I can’t stand Seong Woo either. SPOILER ALERT IF YOU AREN’T UP TO EP10 OF THE DRAMA – I can’t believe he didn’t realize Tae San was the bone marrow donor. Wow. Just wow. I thought he had an INKLING of the idea, but he was totally taken by surprise.


Any In Time With You fans around here remember when Li Da Ren says that possession is the beginning of loss? That’s how I feel with dramas! I start ‘em, fall in love with ‘em, and then I FINISH ‘em. That’s when they leave me high and dry, and then I’m at a loss of what to do with myself.

I just finished I Hear Your Voice.

In other words…

leejongsukihyv (1)

Let the grieving begin.


I loved I Can Hear Your Voice, and I want to say that it’s my favorite Noona-Dongsaeng romance I’ve seen to date.

That is a BOLD statement coming from ME, because I’m a real sucker for noona romances. If you look at my favorite dramas page, it’s practically littered with them (Dalja’s Spring, Flower Boy Ramyun Shop, My Name Is Kim Sam Soon, Anego, and Romance); however, my heart just sank at the promise he made to protect her as a  little boy. 8 year old Soo Ah was so adorable! And sweet! And dedicated! Even without having to deliberate, I KNOW that NONE of the other noona romances I listed before had the same kind of history and depth.

Quite frankly, whenever I tried to hook people onto the drama, I always mentioned that scene at the end of episode 1 where he looks her dead in the eye and promises to protect her. That moment was a huge selling point for me. Aside from his role as a dongsaeng, I loved him as an individual too, but I’ll save those thoughts for another post ;)

At any rate, here are some screen caps of some of my favorite Lee Jong Suk faces as a result of this newfound love. I find that he has a very expressive face. A very handsome face as well. A very, very handsome face.

He’s  especially talented at pouting, because of his lips (reminds me of Yoo Ah In’s, which btw, I am cognizant of because of that interview where Song Joong Ki said Ah In has enviable lips!)

Love his broad shoulders too. Just love ‘em.

I didn’t really get the hype around him before, since I’d only seen him in Secret Garden, but I get it here!

Expect more posts in the future about this guy, because he is officially on Harroro’s Radar!

leejongsukihyv (13)


Good Doctor Ep 4 Recap

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gooddoctor4 (43)

It’s okay, Shi Ohn, I suck at basketball too!


gooddoctor3 (9)

Shi Ohn, if I had a gundam, I would lend it to you. ;)


Final episode! I saw that Allkpop posted a spoiler for viewers to see if TTBY had a happy ending or not. Um. Really? Did ANYBODY ever doubt this would end in sunshines and rainbows?


Before entering the final week, of course somebody else needed to find out Jae Hee’s secret.


Homg. Deep breath guys… I LOVED THIS EPISODE! Tae Joon tops this post, because he’s positively radiating the fact that he’s in love.